Why is a Bamboo Soap Dish a Necessity in Every Bathroom?

Oh, soap dish, isn't it old fashioned and nonfunctional? Why spend money on the soap dish when you can place the shop directly on the counter? Isn't it so obvious? There are several reasons to spend money on buying a sustainable soap dish for the bathroom. It would be wrong to call a soap dish boring and just a piece of useful utensils as they are now available in beautiful shapes and materials. Today we present the beautiful bamboo soap dish and why you should spend money on it. 

Importance of bamboo soap dishes

Generally, most household soap dishes are made from plastic, metal, or ceramic. Using a plastic soap dish adds another problem in terms of earth pollution, plus it is very fragile and boring in look. As a consumer, you can contribute to the environment by not choosing an item that adds to the problem of already uncontrollable plastic pollution.  

In the case of metal soap dishes, it is subjected to tear and wear effect as it eventually leads to rust with time. Ceramic soap dish bars need to be handled very carefully as it is very easy to fall and break.

Besides all these things, bamboo soap dishes not only fulfil the purpose but also give a close to nature aesthetic look in your bathroom.   

What is an alternate soap bar option? 

The sustainable, eco-friendly option is the bamboo soap dish. The best thing about it is having the goodness of bamboo plus a good investment for the long term.    

What are the properties of bamboo?

First of all, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world plus its versatility makes it a desirable material. 

  • Compressive strength

Compressive strength means the ability to resist the force when crushing. Bamboo has greater compressive strength than wood, concrete and even brick.  

  • Rot resistance

Another reason to use a bamboo soap dish is due to its rot resistance property. Compared to wood, it does not get rotten in the long term, making it an ideal choice for many consumers. 

  • Remove CO2

Another reason to use it is because of its environment-friendly nature. Bamboo plants help to reduce carbon dioxide from the plant. 

Other properties include anti-bacterial, odour repellent, and insect-repellent properties. Compost takes three years if bamboo products are buried under the earth, which might not be the case with plastic items.    

About our bamboo soap dish

We hope you have understood why it is necessary to have a bamboo soap dish for your bathroom and kitchen. Let's talk about the olnatur soap bar available at the EazyOnline Shop. Its hollow gap between the soap dish prevents soap from getting soggy and wasted. Due to bamboo properties, it is hard and durable enough to last for a long. It is also small enough for daily trips and travel. Plus, it is made without using metal, so one can easily discard it without any worry.   


There are plenty of bamboo soap dish brands in the market, but one of the promising and affordable choices is now available at the EazyOnline Shop. It is one of the perfect destinations for quality and stylish products.