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Monthly Archives: June 2022

  1. Why is it Necessary to Have a Cutlery Tray in the Kitchen

    Why is it Necessary to Have a Cutlery Tray in the Kitchen

    The kitchen is not just a place for happening; sometimes, it becomes a place for secret chit-chat and some happy moments with family, while sometimes, it becomes an office desk. All these precious moments want the kitchen to be hygienic and ergonomic. It is the place that deserves the utmost cleanliness and management, one of the best ways to keep things organised is through a kitchen cutlery tray.  

    There are a variety of cutlery trays available in the market. The cutlery tray has covered a long journey from plastic to wooden now. There are various benefits associated with the cutlery tray, and today, we will talk about the benefits of adding a cutlery tray to the kitchen drawer:

    • Boost hygiene

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  2. Why is the Bamboo Laptop Stand a Right Choice

    Why is the Bamboo Laptop Stand a Right Choice

    Since the pandemic, work from home has become a new trend; even many big companies have permanently given work from home. Apart from good home furniture, it would help if you have a laptop stand in this remote work scenario. When you place your laptop on a flat surface, you are more likely to bend your body forward, which can cause back pain in the long run. How to skip the problem? Of course, physical exercise and walking are the solutions, but a good laptop stand can also do the job. 

    Many laptop stands are available in the market, but we suggest you foldable bamboo laptop stands. There are several benefits of using bamboo laptop bed foldable tables over others. Here we have pointed out some of the advantages of bamboo laptop stands. 

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  3. Why Should You Invest in Bamboo Cotton Buds?

    Why Should You Invest in Bamboo Cotton Buds?

    When was the last time you used cotton buds, maybe this morning or later this week? Let's admit that we all love cotton buds, don't we? Cotton bud has multiple uses, from removing extra eyeliner to adjusting lipstick to eyebrow blend to whatnot. It is also a best friend for the beginner's painter as with it they can create some magical work. Some people do not resist themselves because of ear wax problems. However, we don't encourage any such use. The humble cotton bud is a multitasking player, taking care of anything and almost everything.   

    Do you Know Whether the Cotton Bud is Good for the Environment or not?

    According to a survey on a UK beach, every 100 metres, a cotton bud is found. Between 2015 and 2018, cotton buds are amongst the top ten items found in the Marine Conservation Society's Great British Beach Clean. This tiny little thing may look insignificant, but it can cost the lives of living

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