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Brown Kraft Paper Cups with Lids Takeaway Soup Containers with Lids (8ozX250)

Brown Kraft Paper Cups with Lids Takeaway Soup Containers with Lids (8ozX250)

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  • ENJOY YOUR HOT SOUP TO GO : this Paper Cups with Lids package of Kraft soup containers come with fitted, vented, leak-resistant lids; keeping your food hot and preventing spills. Whether it’s soup, salad, or ice cream, our Kraft bowls are great for liquids and grease as well as hot and cold foods.
  • SUPER STRONG and STURDY FOOD CONTAINERS KRAFT PAPER BOWL :  Our Kraft tubs and pots stay firm and stiff and will not get soft and soggy during your journey to work or school. Made from premium Kraft paper cup stock, these soup cups are designed for durability.
  • MICROWAVABLE and FREEZER SAFE : Since our Kraft containers are safe for use in the microwave and freezer you can make a delicious batch of soup and store the individual portions in the freezer. Simply take them out and pop them in the microwave and you've got a delicious hot soup to go. They also make the ideal ice cream tubs.
  • GREAT FOR HOME USE, RESTAURANTS, AND FOOD VENDORS : Kraft soup bowls make it easy to take your hot soup to work, school, or the gym. They are also one of our most popular lines with takeaway vendors, restaurants, and other food businesses.Send party guests home with leftover food and treats, great for church, school or work event leftovers, tailgating, outdoor parties, school lunches or bring your own lunch to work. Perfect for storing homemade baby food. Makes meal prep and storage easy. Also PERFECT FOR CRAFTS!
  • SIMPLY LABEL CONTENTS with MARKER OR PEN for easy-to-identify storage in the freezer, fun notes for kids lunches or marking containers for party take-home! Well-fitting lids will not allow spills or drips, space between the lids gap make it even safe to grab. Enjoy your food with all the juice.There are also two breathable holes in the lid, which can prevents the container from being thermally expanded.
  • Size:  (227ml/8oz)x 250
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